Baltic: Lithuanians strongest supporters of Ukraine: Eurobarometer

Lithuanians are the biggest supporters of Ukraine in the Baltic States, according to a Eurobarometer poll, BNS reports. As many as 95% of Lithuanians agree with providing humanitarian support to people affected by the war in Ukraine, compared with 91% in Latvia and 89% in Estonia. Another 93% of Lithuanians, 87% of Latvians, and 77% of Estonians welcome people fleeing the war into the EU. Also, 86% of Lithuanians, 77% of Latvians, and 59% of Estonians support giving financial aid to Ukraine, while 83% of Lithuanians, 70% of Latvians, and 62% of Estonians support financing military supplies for Ukraine. Furthermore, 79% of Lithuanians are in favour of granting EU candidate status to Ukraine, compared to 68% in Latvia and 57% in Estonia. Finally, 80% of Lithuanians, 68% of Latvians, and 66% of Estonians support EU sanctions against Russia. The Eurobarometer survey was carried out in October-November 2023.