Baltic: Suicide rate highest in Lithuania in 2020: Eurostat

Lithuania had the highest suicide rate in the EU in 2020, according to Eurostat data, LSM reported. The number of suicides in Lithuania totalled 21.25 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2020, which was down from 33.38 in 2011. The suicide rate was 16.87 in Vilnius and the surrounding area. In central and western Lithuania, the suicide rate was 22.9, which was the second-highest indicator in European regions. Meanwhile, according to the Institute of Hygiene’s data, Lithuania’s suicide rate was 18.6 in 2022, BNS reported. Estonia’s suicide rate stood at 16.28 in 2020, which was almost unchanged from 16.31 in 2011. The suicide rate in Latvia was 15.59, which was down from 21.23 in 2011.