Estonia: Average salary in job advertisements up 13% in H1/2023

The average gross monthly salary in job advertisements in Estonia amounted to EUR 1,481-1,947 in the first half of 2023, which was 13% higher than in 2022, according to data from recruitment portal CV Keskus, Postimees reports. The average salary offered for top specialists and middle managers stood at EUR 2,170-2,728 (up 17%), for mid-level professionals and office staff at EUR 1,724-2,461 (up 12%), for skilled workers and professionals at EUR 1,471-1,908 (up 7%), and for service and sales staff at EUR 1,089-1,414 (up 9%). Salary offers rose by 18% in banking and finance, 17% in telecommunications, 17% in education and research, and 15% in the public sector. Meanwhile, salary offers in construction fell by 7% and in tourism by 10% over a year. Regionally, salary offers rose by 17% in western Estonia, 14% in Tallinn, 12% in Tartu, 10% in central Estonia, and 9% in eastern Estonia.