Estonia: Meat, dairy prices rose most in June 2023: EKI

Food prices in Estonia continued to rise sharply in June 2023 compared to the year before but remained relatively stable from a month earlier, according to data from the Estonian Institute of Economic Research (EKI), ERR reports. The price increases were particularly notable for meat and dairy products. The price of sugar has risen from EUR 0.76 per kg last year to EUR 1.48 per kg in June 2023. The price of wheat flour has risen by 25% over a year, while the price of black bread has risen by 30% and white bread by 43%. The price of mixed pork and beef minced meat has risen by 34%, beef by 20%, sausages by 18%, and baloney by 15%. Dairy products have seen price increases across all categories, with sour cream prices up 37%, 2.5-percent milk by 34%, butter by 11%, and Estonian cheese by 15%.