Latvia: Latvians, Russians differ on Ukraine war, Russia: poll

Latvia’s Latvians and Russian-speakers continue to hold completely opposite views on the war in Ukraine, according to an SKDS poll for Ir magazine, LSM reports. The survey showed that 78% of Latvian-speakers supported Ukraine in April 2023, while only 27% of Russian-speakers did so. In mixed households, just 32% supported Ukraine, which was down from 45% in April 2022. At the same time, 16% (22%) of Russian-speakers supported Russian President Vladimir Putin’s policies, while 50% said that they liked Russia but not Putin’s policies. Also, trust in Russian state-owned media stood at 14% (17%) among Latvia’s Russian-speakers. Meanwhile, support for Latvia’s membership of NATO stood at 79% (81%) among Latvian-speakers, 35% (42%) among mixed families, and 28% (21%) among Russian-speakers.