Latvia: Pres. Rinkevics appoints chief policy advisers, aides

Latvia’s new president, Edgars Rinkevics, has appointed his chief policy advisers and aides, LSM reports. Gunda Reire, parliamentary secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will become head of the presidential chancellery. The president’s chief legal adviser is Kristine Licis, who has served as Latvia’s representative in international institutions. Edvins Severs will continue as the chief foreign policy adviser to the president, as he did when Rinkevics was foreign minister. Latvia’s current defence adviser to NATO, Aivars Purins, will become chief national security adviser to Rinkevics, while the European Commission’s current representative in Latvia, Irena Emilia Svilpe, will advise the president on economic affairs. Martins Dregeris will move from the Foreign Ministry to become the president’s chief spokesman.