Latvia: President Rinkevics urges positive action, sense of unity

In his New Year’s message, Latvian President Edgars Rinkevics reflected on the anticipation of the “moment before” the new year, filled with aspirations for change and new goals, LSM reported. Acknowledging that past resolutions may not have been fully realised, the President encouraged carrying over hopes into the new year, turning them into concrete goals and taking personal responsibility for happiness. He emphasised the collective responsibility of the people of Latvia to contribute to the well-being and beauty of their country. Rinkevics encouraged positive action, mutual support, and a sense of unity, urging people to find common ground, embrace kindness, and not be afraid to dream and act for the betterment of Latvia. The President expressed commitment to working together for a better future and wished for a year filled with cooperation, understanding, and shared joys.