Latvia: Sorting biowaste to be mandatory as of 2024

Sorting biodegradable waste will be mandatory in Latvia as of 1 January 2024, LSM reports. Currently, only around 25% of Latvian households sort their waste, according to a Norstat survey for waste management company Getlini EKO. The company has opened a website that allows residents to request that biowaste containers be placed at their address. Earlier, Latvian capital Riga’s municipal housing company, Rigas Namu Parvaldnieks (RNP), placed 1,000 biowaste containers next to its apartment houses, but now there are only 600 left as residents have asked that the containers be removed. This is despite the fact that the collection of biowaste is 20% cheaper than municipal waste collection. RNP board chairman Maris Ozolins said that residents do not use the biowaste containers and are thus paying for a service that they do not use.