Latvia: Technical defects in Vivi’s new electric trains cause disruptions

Defects in new electric trains of Latvia’s state-owned carrier, Pasazieru Vilciens (Vivi), disrupted the daily commute of hundreds of passengers in the first week of 2024, LSM reported. The technical problems resulted in running cancellations and delays of many departures. Transport Minister Kaspars Briskens assured that most of the defects were “relatively trivial.” However, some trains will continue to be cancelled daily for the next two months, Vivi announced. Briskens insisted that the Czech manufacturer, Skoda Vagonka, would have to ensure that 95% of the new trains would be running in two months’ time. Skoda Vagonka has so far delivered 17 new electric trains, of which 7 were found to have technical issues, LETA reports. Vivi will demand that Skoda Vagonka pay fines. Vivi expects to receive all 32 electric trains by the middle of 2024.