Lithuania: 12,000 officers, troops to safeguard NATO summit in Vilnius

The NATO summit in Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, is set to have unprecedented security measures in place, with approximately 12,000 officers and soldiers assigned to ensure security, BNS reports. This is the first time that Lithuania is hosting an event of such magnitude. The summit will welcome 48 foreign delegations with 2,400 members, including 40 heads of state and 150 other high-ranking officials. Lithuania will deploy 3,000 troops to provide security, and 1,000 allied troops will arrive to provide assistance. Also, Lithuania has deployed air defence, anti-WMD, and anti-drone capabilities. Approximately 1,500 police officers from Lithuania, along with assistance from officers from neighbouring Latvia and Poland, will help maintain public order. Internal EU border checks will be enforced during the summit. The NATO summit is scheduled for 11-12 July 2023.