Lithuania: Protesters ask government to protect fertiliser producer Lifosa

Protesters in Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, have asked the government to protect the Kedainiai-based fertiliser producer, Lifosa, from closure, BNS reports. Around 300 protesters took part in a rally outside the government office in central Vilnius on 26 July 2023. Kristina Krupaviciene, chairwoman of the Solidarumas (Solidarity) trade union, said that the goal of the rally was to help save about 900 jobs. Vitalijus Varnas, chairman of Lifosa’s independent trade union, said that Lifosa had served dismissal notices to 80% of the plant’s workers. The company’s owner, Switzerland-based EuroChem, said that it may close down the plant completely. EuroChem’s owner is Russian businessman Andrey Melnichenko, who is under EU sanctions. Lifosa’s bank accounts have been frozen, and the company has suspended operations.