Estonia: Population grew slightly due to immigration in 2023: statistics

Estonia’s population totalled 1,366,491 people in the beginning of 2024, which was 607 more than a year earlier, according to Statistics Estonia’s preliminary data, BNS reports. The number of live births totalled 10,721 in 2023, which was 925 less than in 2022. The number of births was the lowest since 1919, when population data began to be published regularly, and the first time that the figure has fallen below 11,000. Meanwhile, the number of deaths totalled 15,832 in 2023. Deaths thus exceeded births by 5,111. The number of people who immigrated to Estonia totalled 20,209, while 14,491 people emigrated from Estonia in 2023. Ukrainians accounted for 57% of all immigrants. The number of immigrants exceeded those who left the country by 5,718.