Lithuania: More Lithuanian emigrants want to return home: poll

An increasing number of Lithuanian emigrants are considering going back, according to a poll carried out by the Employment Service (UzT) in May 2023, LRT reports. The survey showed that 55.1% of respondents would like to return to Lithuania, which is 14.6 percentage points higher than in 2020. The majority of those who wish to return are skilled workers employed in manufacturing, industry, construction, and real estate. As many as 60.3% of Lithuanians working in those sectors said that they would like to return home. According to the poll, 24.1% of emigrants would want to resettle in big cities and 23.7% in the Lithuanian countryside. Also, almost 20% of respondents would like to set up their own business in Lithuania. The largest share of those polled reside in the UK (30%), Ireland (13.5%), and Germany (11.5%).