Lithuania: Permanent population up 1% in 2023: statistics

Lithuania’s permanent population totalled 2,886,500 people in the beginning of 2024, which was 29,000 (1%) more than in the same period of 2023, according to the State Data Agency (VDA), BNS reports. Around 22,000 permanent residents emigrated from Lithuania in 2023, which was up 44% from 15,300 in 2022. Some 12,000 foreigners and 10,000 Lithuanian citizens left the country in 2023. The main destinations of emigration were Ukraine, the UK, Belarus, Norway, and Germany. The number of people emigrating to Ukraine totalled 8,000, which was up from 4,600 in 2022. Another 2,000 (2,700) people left for Belarus. Meanwhile, the number of people immigrating to Lithuania totalled 66,900 in 2023, which was down from 87,400 in 2022. Foreigners accounted for 75% and Lithuanian citizens for 25% of all immigrants. The number of Lithuanian citizens returning home exceeded those leaving by 6,000 in 2023, which was down from 7,600 a year earlier.