Latvia: Parties in Riga City Council disagree on distribution of seats

Latvian capital Riga’s acting mayor, Vilnis Kirsis (New Unity), expects political parties in the Riga City Council to reach a consensus on the formation of a new coalition next week, LETA reports. However, the parties have still failed to reach a “spirit of compromise,” Kirsis said. The parties disagree on the number of deputy mayoral posts. Kirsis said that New Unity was prepared to accept a compromise on the issue. Martins Kossovics, head of the Progressives faction, said that his party would not propose its own mayoral candidate and expected similar compromises from the other parties, New Unity, National Alliance, Latvian Association of Regions (LRA), and Code for Riga. The combined faction of Movement For and the Progressives has invited the National Alliance, LRA, and Code for Riga to mutual talks on 27-28 July 2023.

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