Baltic: Food prices differ in Maxima, Rimi stores: study

Latvia’s Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics (AREI) compared prices of food products in Maxima and Rimi stores in the Baltic States in June-July 2023, LETA reports. The institute found that in Maxima stores, prices of 43% of products in Lithuania, 32.7% in Latvia, and 31.8% in Estonia were more expensive than in the other two Baltic countries. In Rimi stores, 42.3% of products in Latvia, 33.9% in Estonia, and 29.1% in Lithuania were more expensive. Rimi insisted that the differences of prices on various food products in its Baltic stores were less than 1%, LETA reported. Kristine Ciemite, marketing director at Rimi Latvia, said that AREI’s study focused on a “small and very specific” range of products. AREI is an institution of Jelgava-based Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LBTU).

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